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We build tools to help readers discover and support trusted journalists around the world on a decentralized platform.

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Civil gives everyone – journalists and readers alike – a say in who to trust based on ethics and standards. For journalists, earning the approval of the Civil community means others know they can trust you. For readers, you can safely rely on Civil newsrooms because the community vets their content openly and transparently.

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Civil gathers stories and crowdfunding campaigns from trusted newsrooms all in one place. Stay informed while discovering new newsrooms from across the world. Unlike other platforms, Civil will never use any personal data to curate your content feed without your permission.

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Civil gives newsrooms a quick and easy way to raise money from their readers. Journalists get paid directly with credit cards and cryptocurrency, and Civil doesn’t take a cut. Newsrooms can launch a Boost to fund a new project or earn boosts for valued stories.

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[The Boost] allowed me my travel to Connecticut; it allowed me a hotel for one of the times in Washington DC as well. I would have had to dip into my pocket for a portion of this series and didn’t have to as a result of what Boosts provided.

Howard Megdal Co-Founder The IX

Newsrooms have editorial independence and freedom, but being part of the Civil network makes us part of a community that’s testing new models for sustainability.

David Moore Co-Founder Sludge

The Colorado Sun is a proud partner of Civil, and we’re excited about working together to find a new funding model to support great local journalism wherever it can be found.

Larry Ryckman Editor The Colorado Sun

It’s been refreshing to work with Civil, which allows us to try out solutions to some of the problems facing our industry in real time.

Jen Sabella Director of Strategy and Co-founder, Block Club Chicago

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