Our mission

Making the web a trusted place for civic engagement.

We empower innovative news publishers and the public to work together to advance trust, transparency, and sustainability for independent journalism. We champion independent reporting because it is vital to the health of civil societies. And that’s just the beginning.

Today, the web is largely controlled by big tech platforms or authoritarian governments that bend it to their interests.

We believe there has to be a better way. The internet belongs in the hands of the people, and you should have a say in how it’s run.

Pioneering a movement

Civil envisions a new, better internet where you own and control your data, publishers are paid for the true value of their work, and everyone has a seat at the table.

We are laying the groundwork for the trusted web.

We started as an experiment in community governance and trusted journalism. Now we are expanding to work on building a web that supports better civic engagement overall.

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Our Community Impact

Our commitment to our mission runs deep. We’re proud of our contributions to journalism and civic engagement so far.


News article permanently published to the blockchain to thwart censorship.


Startup newsrooms founded or supported by Civil grants.


Newsrooms around the world are on Civil.

Our People

Civil is supported by a founding company of passionate individuals who care deeply about the future of the internet and support for quality journalism. We’re constant learners who thrive on change and seek to have a positive impact on everything we do.

Meet our team.

Our Cultural Values


We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. We ask questions, and we challenge each other. We have candid conversations, provide direction, and give and receive feedback without fear.


We are better together. Each of our individual experiences together makes our team unique. When making a decision, we seek educated, diverse opinions. We identify and empathize with different priorities.


We love to learn. We may not always know the best answers, but we seek to understand other perspectives. This means learning about and making connections with our customers, communities, and colleagues. It means we ask good questions at the right time to the right people.


We rely on each other. We commit to following through to each other and our communities. When we are clear about what we want to deliver, we are encouraged to make decisions independently.


We all ask hard questions, make tough choices, and suggest better solutions. We hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard than what is “strictly legal,” and we strive to do the right thing for ourselves and our communities. Before we make any decision or change, we ask ourselves, “Is this in the best interest of our community?”

Respect and kindness

We approach and assume good intentions in our communication with each other, especially when things go wrong.


To realize our vision for the trusted web, we’ve been laying the groundwork since 2017

Spring 2019

Registry and Tokens, our community governance platform

Fall 2019

Boosts, the revenue-generating tool for newsrooms

Winter 2019

Story feed, a place to discover stories and support newsrooms

Spring-Summer 2020

Civil ID, the decentralized identity system

Smart Licensing, the content marketplace & trustmark tool

To request a demo, please email [email protected]

Summer-Fall 2020

More coming soon!

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