Civil Boosts: The quick and easy way for readers to fund your newsroom.

The best part? You can get started in less than 5 minutes.

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Get paid directly

Boosters can give you direct, instant payments into your newsroom cryptocurrency wallet or Stripe account, right on your site.

  • Direct payments
  • Credit card support with Stripe (PayPal coming soon!)
  • The Civil Media Company does not take a cut of revenue

Attract more readers and financial support

Links to your stories and projects will be automatically shown on Civil’s website. Journalism supporters from all over the world can discover and Boost your stories in one place.

  • Expose stories to new readers
  • Increase opportunities for funding

Turn Boosts into insights

Set a fundraising goal and tell your readers what you’ll do with the money. Create a direct line between you, your readers and the projects that matter most to your coverage.

  • Learn what readers value
  • Reach a funding goal
  • Foster transparency

Setup takes 5 minutes

Just add a single line of code to your CMS in order to activate Civil Boosts. That’s it. Take advantage of impulse donations from readers who enjoy your work.

  • Fast, one-time setup
  • Low risk, no maintenance required
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We had the investigative podcast in mind, and we already have some experience on crowdfunding campaigns, so setting up Boosts was very quick and easy.

Dariela Sosa Founder/CEO, Arepita

The fact that the Civil Boost allowed me to get to all five [WNBA Finals] games was vital. Being able to tell this story like a story in chapters rather than a series of discrete, disparate events — that matters.

Howard Megdal Co-Founder, The IX

You’ll be in good company

Getting started is quick and easy

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