The public runs the Civil Registry

The Civil Registry is a community-run platform where everyone has a say in who to trust based on ethics and standards, journalists and the public alike. The community manages the network to ensure Civil remains a haven for ethical journalism.

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How the public runs Civil

Civil tokens

Anyone who has Civil tokens has a voice on the network.
That means the journalists and the public who owns CVL run Civil together. Since CVL is a cryptocurrency*, no company can take them away or make them disappear: You own CVL the way you own a physical object.

voting members

Members use CVL to vote and reward trustworthy newsrooms
Civil tokens are the most secure and direct way to give members a voice on the platform. When members govern the network according to ethical standards, they are supporting quality journalism.

What does ethical mean on Civil?

All newsrooms sign the Civil Constitution

All Civil newsrooms comply with the Civil Constitution
The Civil Constitution lays out what ethical journalism means on Civil. Journalists, academics, and ethicists all over the world collaborated this set of standards for Civil.

What if a vote was unfair?

Civil Council

You can appeal to the Civil Council.
If you don’t think a vote was consistent with the Civil Constitution’s values, you can appeal to the Civil Council. They’re a group of journalists, academics, and free speech experts from all over 
the world.

voting members

The Civil Council can rule on disputes and overrun community votes, but their power is not absolute.

If enough community members disagree, they can overrule the Council.

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Our community has already stepped up to uphold trustworthy journalism on the Civil Registry. And that’s inspiring.


Civil tokens of casted votes in 6 challenges and 2 appeals.

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